69kb animated flyby

Here are a few bits 'n pieces for giving your PC a UFO flavour..

Netscape Navigator 3 Animated Icon

This is a replacement for Version 3 of Netscape Navigator's busy icon (the one with the comets). It replaces it with 3 UFOs spinning towards Earth. It doesn't change Netscape in any way - the browser simply uses these images if they exist. If you open the file 48m.bmp in a graphics editor, you'll see how it works. Now you can make your own, quite easily!
If you run 256 screen colours (or more), you should download, a 5k zip file which unzip to 30m.bmp (13k) & 48m.bmp (55k). These are higher quality versions of the files below.

Download (shift-click) the images 48m.bmp (10kb) and 30m.bmp (3kb). These are the 16-colour versions.

Now simply copy them to wherever netscape.exe is installed on your computer (usually in c:\Program Files\Netscape\Navigator\Program, in Windows 95.)

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