MIDI Theme from "UFO"

Many of us on the mailing list: fab-ufo wanted a MIDI file of the theme to Gerry Anderson's TV series "UFO", but no-one has been able to locate the sheet music. A friend kindly offered to try and play it by ear. He listened to a cassette tape copy of a .WAV file which was downloaded from Marc Martin's UFO site (where it was probably originally recorded from a videotape) and made the file below in less than a morning! (don't you just hate people who actually have musical talent!) The equipment used was a Korg MIDI keyboard and a PC/SB16/ using MidiSoft Studio.

This MIDI file is being worked on to try and make it as close to the original as possible. If you want to hear what's been done so far, use one of the links below. If your browser/system is MIDI-enabled, the first link will play the file: ufo.mid. The second will download the zipped version ( This file is provided totally free to do with as you wish. If it hurts you in any way, including your ears and/or sensibilities.... sorry Jim, I'm a techie, not a musician!

Click here for MIDI file of UFO theme (ufo.mid):
Click here for ZIP version (
(The two files above were last updated on: 31 March 1997)
Click here for the first (played by ear) version (ufoorig.mid):

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